The legal stuff

  • Participants must acquire their content themselves.
  • Participants are themselves accountable for the legality of their acquired material and Genki will not be held accountable for any copyright infringement of your submission.

General rules

  • Your entry may have been used in other contests, but may not have been a winning entry.
  • Each entry’s visual material must be at least 70% anime-styled or manga-styled content.
  • Only one submission per person is allowed.
  • Video quality must be at least 480p, for all content in the AMV; 720p or 1080p are preferred.
  • The length of the AMV must be between 1½ min (90 seconds) and 5 min (300 seconds).
  • Using video clips with subtitles will count negatively, unless the subtitles are part of the video concept.
  • Use a normal file format MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, MPG, or M2TS; MP4 is preferred.
  • The content and context of your entry must be suitable for an age 13+ audience (offensive language or excessive violence/gore is prohibited. Nudity must be blurred).
  • The audio content of all AMV entries must primarily be music.
  • Submission will be accepted up until July 20, 23:59.
  • The coordinators and judges may accept or reject any entry for any fair and justifiable reason not foreseen in these rules. The coordinators and judges have the final say in what is deemed fair and justifiable disqualification.


  • To make it easier for participants, judges, and viewers, there will only be one category:
    Alpha Omega – The overall best video regarding use of music, editing, red thread, etc.


You will receive a separat email with a link to upload your AMV after submitting your application!
Fill out my online form.

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