Self introduction

Naraku Brock, active Cosplayer since 2000, calls more than 150 Costumes her Own.

She gained Stage Experiences since 2002 through Workshops and numerous Competitions. She has won different Prizes in national and international Cosplay Competitions, including the ‘German Cosplay Championship’ and ‘European Cosplay Gathering’.

She is not only known for her open and lively nature, but also her Obsession with Details. Today she hardly creates any Costume without complicated Pattern, Markings, Embroidery or infinite Fabric usage.
Her Desire to help like-minded Cosplayers was realized in her Workshop and her first two Books.

Panel at Genki

Elaborate Patterns on Costumes cause you Problems? You often wonder how other Cosplayer manage to create beautiful and filigran Details?

There is a Solution to your Problem! In this Workshop Naraku Brock will show you a variety of Techniques suitable for both Cosplay: Beginners and Veterans.

Take a look at her Page and get inspired right now.

Photo by Pasta Cosplay

Competition Victories

Small Contest in Germany as Solo 1st Place - 2007, 2008, 2010
Small Contest in Germany as Group 1st Place - 2006, 2010, 2013,
Cosplay Contest France Team 1st Place - 2013
ECG 2nd Place - 2014
German Cosplay Championship 3rd Place - 2015

Judging experience

EC Pre Germany - 2014, 2015, 2016
ECG + WCS Pre Portugal - 2014
German Cosplay Championship Pre + Final - 2013, 2014
ECG Pre Germany - 2015, 2016
Small and/or national Contest from 2013-2018 in Germany, GB and Belgium

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