Self introduction

I’m Merryweather, and I’ve been writing webcomics for 7 years. Currently I am the writer of 8 weekly comics for WEBTOON in collaboration with 8 different artists. My stories are mainly built to be easily shareable online. My style would be a hybrid of GARFIELD type sunday newspaper comics, Manga, and Korean Manhwa which are built for smartphones!

I normally live in Japan, but I decided to take a year in Denmark to be with family, which allowed me to visit Genki!

Panels at Genki

How To Webcomics: A Beginner’s Guide
An interactive panel about how you start your own webcomic, and how you become popular with it. Less emphasis on the actual story and art crafting, and more on what you do with it once you’ve started it. Through this panel you will be given a detailed guide on how to start off publishing your own story on the internet!


History of Webcomics
A comprehensive history of webcomics and how they changed the business of comic publishing!


Drawing by Princess Hinghoi
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