Self introduction

Captainghostly is an award-winning and fulltime international costume designer and prop maker from Belgium who follows his passion to empower others through creativity. For him, cosplay is a way to live his dreams and share his passion with others. Crafting and geekiness runs in his veins since childhood. His speciality is armor making and he loves giving workshops where people can learn to make their own armored cosplays.

Throughout the years he has had the privilege of being a cosplay guest and to be invited at events all around Europe. He has judged the “Cosplay World Masters” final in 2019 and preliminaries for international cosplay competitions such as C4, WCS, CWM, ECG, International Cosplay Champions Cup and EuroCosplay in several countries. His work will also be featured in the ‘Cool Japan’ exhibition in the MAS museum at the end of
this year.

Captainghostly’s ultimate goal is to use his presence to inspire others, sharing knowledge and to be a positive influence in the community.

Workshop at Genki

Cosplay Armor - From Reference to Wearable Costume
In this workshop you will be able to learn a lot about making cosplay armors. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced foamsmith, this workshop is full of useful tips and tricks. Each visitor will even be able to craft something small for free to take home!

Billede by Bbx Photography

Competition Victories

Made in Asia - WCS runner up

Comic Con Belgium: Ghent - Honorable mention
Dutch Comic Con - Best Costume

Facts Fall - 1st place / Best Costume

Judging experience

Animefest (Czech Repulbic)
IberAnime LX (Portugal) - judging of CWM finals(!)
SFeraKon (Croatia)
Rai Con Spring (Scotland)
AnimeS Expo (Bulgaria)
AnimeSHOW (Slovakia)
CometCon (Spain)
Comic Con Brussels (Belgium)
WinterCon V (Latvia)

GameOn (Lithuania)
IberAnime OPO (Portugal)
FACTS Fall (Belgium)
Comics Salon (Slovakia)
nowJapan (Lithuania)
Manga & Cosplayfestival (Belgium)
Unicon (Latvia)
Atsusacon (Belgium)
Comic Con Belgium: Ghent (Belgium)
Japancon Spring (Belgium)
FACTS Spring (Belgium)

FACTS Fall (Belgium)

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