Practical information

  • Entry to the convention are included in the booth rent for up to 5 people, regardless of booth size.
  • Free coffee, tea and water will be made available to the dealers.
  • It will be possible for you to set up your booth starting at 17:30 the day before Genki starts (i.e. Thursday), and to ask Genki staff for help setting up. From this time, and until the convention opens the next day, only staffers and dealers will be in the Dealer Hall.
  • Each booth will be supplied with a power strip with 3 power outlets for your electronic devices. If more than 3 outlets per booth is required, please contact the dealer hall in advance.
  • The Dealer Hall will be locked during the night.
  • If you wish to cover your products with cloth during your closing hours, please bring your own cloth.
  • Items forgotten during clean-up will be kept for three (3) months after Genki closes. After the three months have passed, if the items are still unclaimed, they will be considered a donation to The Reactor to do with as they please.
  • Any costs associated with returning forgotten items must be paid by the receiving party.

Sign-up form

Before applying for a booth, please make sure you've read the rules on our main page. Note that if you book and pay early, you will get a discount depending on the discount period!
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